As soon as you see the raid warning, note where Onyxia is facing and run behind her as quickly as possible. How fortuitous. Onyxia's Lair is the smallest raid in the entire game. Onyxia's Lair is a level 80 raid dungeon located in the Wyrmbog, Dustwallow Marsh. By the time they die you should see the first Guard coming. After her death, Broll Bearmantle summoned roots from the ground to seal the lair's entrance and to kill her unhatched progeny.[5]. Third phase is the best one for rushing with Bloodlust/Heroism and big CDs. Players must have Drakefire Amulet with them to enter the raid. Blast Nova has a very short range, you can start running away after it's halfway through the cast and still avoid damage. Onyxia's Lair is a small cave system located in the southern parts of Dustwallow Marsh. Cast Renew while you're in the air on knockbacks to not waste a global cooldown (assuming you don't need to shield for rapture). Once the drakes came out i would round them up and heal myself then allow them to block/parry/dodge against me to return my mana to full via Blessing of Sanctuary. It is home to Onyxia, the brood mother of the black dragonflight. If you enchant the helm, you can then gem it. Onyxia's Lair was originally a level 60, 40-player raid dungeon, one of two that were available upon release of World of Warcraft (the other being Molten Core). At first, group up on the second tank until he has all of the Whelps, then AoE them fast once they're all hitting him. Whereas her father favors brute force, and her brother creates twisted abominations to carry out his will, Onyxia prefers subtle manipulation, and delights in meddling in the political affairs of mortals, using her charm and power to influence such delicate matters between the different races to her own ends. You shall pay for your insolence! Usually, I must leave my lair in order to feed. They hit tanks for about 5500 to 8000 melee damage after armor reduction. If neither of those conditions is met, everyone who can should be nuking Onyxia. Like all other Wrath of the Lich King raid dungeons, it has both 10-man and 25-man modes. This meaningless exertion bores me. Head of Onyxia Onyxia drops the [Head of Onyxia], which like most other end-bosses starts a reward quest for killing the last boss of an instance. Only nuke the Guard when the tank has grabbed him. There is also an extremely fast mount named Brood of Onyxia that drops off her. Keeping fire resist aura on the entire fight as well as using Blessing of Sanctuary, the strategy that I found works well is for during Phase 1 to use Hammer of the Righteous and Shield of Righteousness whenever I can while twisting Seal of Vengeance or Seal of Wisdom depending on whether or not I needed mana to heal myself. [3], Onyxia is the daughter of the mighty Black Aspect, Deathwing, and sister of the scheming Nefarian, Lord of Blackrock Spire. Penance on cooldown if you need the healing, preferably right after a shield. The floor of the main cavern is just solid enough that Onyxia can sit on it normally without cracking the floor and revealing the lava below. He will give you the first quest, Dragonkin Menace.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Other char was just to hold the raid open,,,,,,,,,, 4-piece healing set bonus from Dragon Soul,

It is not a good idea to put melee dps on the Lair Guards. You can also use it to keep track of your completed quests, recipes, mounts, companion pets, and titles! (The actual Tier 2 headpieces now drop off Nefarian in Blackwing Lair). The instance was released in the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. Onyxia yells: How fortuitous. I'll incinerate you all from above! Resistible via fire resistance. There also her brood of new eggs is hidden, awaiting maturation. If there is a whelp wave coming then group up on the secnd tank and let him grab them all before doing anything to them. Simply type the URL of the video in the form below.

Onyxia's lair is in a volcanic cave in Dustwallow Marsh. No real reason to rush this phase. This permanent update to Onyxia will convert the dungeon into 10- and 25-player modes. They occassionally cast Blast Nova (5 sec cast), dealing ~22,000 fire damage, also resistible. She has lurked in her lair and done battle with the many brave adventurers who travelled to that familiar location over the years. So, what are you waiting for? Please keep the following in mind when posting a comment: Your comment must be in English or it will be removed. If there is a Guard coming, it's going to run by the main tank so just let the Guard run to him. We will also be updating the encounter mechanics to be more fitting for modern raiding, but we can guarantee players will get to experience the frightening horror of deep breaths once again. Do a 1-tick Penance to refresh Grace right before it expires if you don't need the healing. Screenshots containing UI elements are generally declined on sight, the same goes for screenshots from the modelviewer or character selection screen. Its really to bad =/. If Onyxia is out of range of the ranged DPS, just wait for her to come back. In beta looks like they have removed the achievement.

Onyxia's Lair is a raid whose entrance is located in Dustwallow Marsh on the continent of Kalimdor in the World of Warcraft game. Onyxia is the daughter of the mighty Black Aspect, Deathwing, and sister of the scheming Nefarian, Lord of Blackrock Spire.

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